Monday, November 30, 2009


I think that the warmest memory I will take home from the United states will be Thanksgiving Day celebration. It was my second Thanksgiving and both of them were so touching and remarkable.

This year my wonderful kind-hearted friend and classmate Leigh Smith invited me and other Fulbrighters for the celebration. Her house was so welcoming and family so friendly. It was a pleasure to spend this beautiful time with my class-mates, friends and Professor O'Dowd (the kindest person ever). Playing trivia challenge organized by Leda Chavarria, a Fulbrighter from Nicaragua, was not only fun but educational! We had learnt a lot about the history of Thanksgiving. Sharing "Thank you" among this huge company was very touching and I felt so anxious because so grateful to my life I was.

I am thankful to St. Michael's College, first of all, for the opportunities of cultural exchange, education, and - most of all- personal growth I am provided here. I am grateful to my friends for sharing this wonderful time with me. I am grateful to Leigh for being so kind and caring. I am grateful to my life which I live and which is so kind to me.


  1. I'm thankful to have a wonderful friend like you. I appreciate everything you're doing and did for me! Will let this garden of friendship grow as we grow!

  2. Thank YOU, Mazeena, for being my friend and accepting me as I am and being always next to me in any life situation.