Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Concert of Russian Songs

I am homesick again, although I am going home in just 2 months. I have just come from a concert of Russian songs organized in the University of Vermont by Global Village and Russian House. Four people from post-Soviet countries got together in Vermont and began the ensemble New Inspiration. They have experience of singing in opera houses in Russia, post-Soviet countries, Europe and the USA. Their repertoire varies from opera and romance to Russian folk songs. It was so heart-breaking to hear the songs that I used to sing with my family and friends at our home-gatherings and understand that they are so far from me. I really miss those times...

It was so nice to see a young woman from a Siberian city which is located not very far from my hometown. All people noticed our resemblance and it is a reason for people to think that all women in Siberia look like me :-). This concert reminded me that singing and any other art does not know boarders: Russia, Moldova and Belarus are represented in the ensemble.

But this concert reminded me as well that I am leaving in just 2 months and will leave my friends I found and became close here. Our life is full of coming and going, always leaving a piece of the heart in the place you lived. Is my heart that big and I will have something left?

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  1. Yes, life is a series of transitions, of comings and goings. As you leave a piece of your heart with us, I hope you take a piece of ours with you.