Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello from Denver!

Hello from Denver, Colorado!

Actually, it is my last night in Denver and tomorrow in the early morning I am going back to Colchester. I feel emotionally and physically exhausted, but inspired, happy and full of fresh ideas about and for teaching! Oh, sorry! I forgot to tell the reason of my being in Denver! Here was the TESOL Convention 2010. It is a wonderful event!

At some moments I am thinking, “Why am I going back to Colchester, student’s life and 2 exams on Thursday???!!! I want to go back to Russia!!! To tell my colleagues about the Convention and the ideas that were pronounced and discussed! And to employ them in practice, and to see how my students could do them. I am sure, they would like them. But it is Life, and I am going back to college life.

It was such a pleasure to meet my group-mates from St Michael’s here, Fulbrighters whom I met in the Ohio University (at the pre-academic training program) and, what I am proud of, to attend my professors’ presentations which were a complete success.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to see the city and the Rocky Mountains (seeing them somewhere far meeting the sky does not count). Probably, I will have to come here again as a tourist. However, I am more than happy, to carry home (hm, unconsciously, for the first time during my 8 months of say in the USA, I called a place in this country “home”) a big luggage of knowledge, fresh ideas, inspirations, books for my friend and myself, and dictionaries.

I hope my overexcited speech is comprehensible, but now I should pack my luggage and file the ideas in the brain which does not accept doing any proofreading now.

Warmest regards,



  1. Natasha,
    Sounds like a great time! You will have to go back sometime to Denver; the Rockies up close are magnificent. Have a safe travel "home" to Vermont!

  2. I wish I would go there again! And I did have great time in this convention.