Saturday, April 11, 2009

Children are flowers of our life!

Yes, this is what we say in Russia, "Children are flowers of our life". They show that life never stops and they bring happiness into our life, don't they? :-)

I am so sentimental now because I have just returned home from a babyshower for my classmate. Life in college really never stops! We are here not only to study, but also to celebrate new life. I am so happy for Kim and Markus! I am sure they will be wonderful parents.

By the way, this tradition of having babyshowers before the child's birth is very interesting to me. In Russia we celebrate it when the baby turns 1 month. Probably, it is a superstition, because parents usually do not like to show their child in the first month of his or her life. We consider that it is bad for the baby's enrgy. So many countries, so many customs...

And in this nice mood I am going to return to the reality of my life which consists, basically, of the project which I should finish as soon as possible. Life is beautiful! :-)

Enjoy your life!


  1. I like the Russian version of baby showers. Celebrating after would make Americans (perhaps) less anxious to worry about the gender of the newborn. Can always buy the clothes later....!