Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lock yourself out and explore the world!

I know that it sounds confusing but today I have learnt about the world more than in 10 years of school, college and university all together. What happened is that the door to my apartment locked when I went downstairs to open the front door for my friend Leda. My first reaction was “This is the end of the world: I have unfinished grammar assignments, I have a couple of days to finish 2 projects for another class and my roommate might come home only after 5:30 (in the case of good luck), and I have a class in the evening”. Panic calmed down and my friend called the landlord who could come only in one hour.

However, my motto which I constantly repeat to my friends is “life is beautiful in spite of anything”. Therefore, I had to react according to my motto. My friend and I were invited to my neighbor, Mazeena, (it is lovely to live in an international community!) to wait for the landlord. Conversation about everything in the world finally came to problems in education and politics in our countries: Nicaragua, Maldives, and Russia. This conversation was like a lesson of history, geography, sociology, political science and philosophy combined. We spoke about current situation in our countries, what was better in the past, how it changed, what type of states and government we have, how it works, etc. It is unbelievable to me!
After politics we moved to cultural exchange: Mazeena showed us traditional Maldivian dress, which is beautiful! For the first time in my life I saw Maldivian, Shri-Lankan and Indian money. We tried traditional Maldivian food “roshi” with famous Maldivian spicy tuna fish. Besides, we spoke about a Russian way to organize parties and discussed our ideas how to do so that we meet more often in our small community of Fulbrighters and our American friends. Is it possible to learn all that in class?! Never! Speaking with my friends I came to understanding that those were precious moments of life! I always spend time preparing for classes, travelling or suffering of being homesick. Being busy with those things (especially, homesickness and studying) I miss something important in my life. But now I know I have many friends with whom I can explore the world without even leaving the house. Isn’t it marvelous?!

Appreciate moments spent with your friends!

Enjoy your life!

Explore the world!

Good luck!



  1. Most Vermonters(me included?) don't realize the cultures that are in our midst. There is an expression here that I don't know if you know, but about looking at a glass of water - is it half-full or half-empty? You look at things as always half-full! That is the best way. Very positive.

  2. Thank you, Dee!
    We also have this saying in Russia and I think that we borrowed it from the United States or Europe - whatever place it originated from. With my friends and new life here I am really learning to see the world and life as half-full! And I am so happy that I am able to see it this way!