Tuesday, July 14, 2009

That Was the Music From Above

Sitting at home by the computer, still impressed and charmed by the divine music played in the Chapel of Saint Michael the Archangel, St Michael's College. I can still hear that majestic playing and singing by the Bardot Youth Choir from France. I have not attended any classical music concerts for a while and this opportunity allowed me for living through various emotions during a short period time. Images in my head changed from whirling in a dance couples to gorgeous cathedral arches and from spinning around me emerald-green Russian birches to the high transparent blue Siberian sky with the huge hot sun. It seems that I have lived through my whole life, my homesickness, my happiest and saddest moments of life, my whole being...
Captivated by the sound of music, I, at the same time, questioned the realism of what was happening. That thin fragile girl had such a strong magnificent high voice. How is it possible? To have such a voice you need strong big lungs. How can those little kids take very difficult tones? How long and how much effort it should have taken to become such a brilliant choir?!
The music of the Solemn Mass in Honour of Saint Cecile by Charles Gounod will stay long in my soul, in my mind and as a background for my imagination.

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  1. It was a great event and it engraved a lot of templates in my heart and soul as well. I was wishing how wonderful if it could be the music of love and if love could last as such a soothing melody..